Worli Property

Mumbai High Court Suit No:-2677/2007

Worli property of 12000 sq yds consists of in all 140 tenents out of this 100 are the residantial and 40 are the commercial tenants all have 100 foots of area totalling to 6000 sq foot and the present occupants mr kapashi is occupied 6000 sq foot area since 1956 when fazalbhai ibrahim and company limited mortagagee company has taken him as a leave and licecncees to our property with out our consent illigally and now the suit is pending in the mumbai high court suit no 2677/2004 and the notice of motion 4000/2007 for the final hearing and disposal. This huge property at the prime location is available for the joint venture/as is where is basis for sale where we have 100% chances of winnings.

1st worli property owner/Lessor Hassanali Jummab hai – Damji Damkhanawala Trust has given his property 12000 sq. yds to Mr. Ramzanali Sharif Lakhani for 999 year in the year of 19/02/1946 at the montly rent of Rs. 1500/- Per month It was reduced to Rs. 1000/- from 1984. We have Eastern studio of 26000 Sq. foot and remaing area was our tenants in 1 to 8 chawls Commercial / Residential and open Premises upto 1955 and Mortagage company Fazalbhai & co Ltd. Who enterned into our property as we failed to pay Rs. 4 Lacs Loan was taken in 1947 and than trouble Stasted Mr. Fazalbhai has in our Property from 1956 to 1985 30 years. And after 1985 to 2007 Mr. Kapashi Brother leave & license. Now we have filed a Suit No 2677/2007 and Notice of Motion 4000/2007 to handover our Property to the rigntful owners.

Notice of motion was on board before the honorable srimati hership mrs nichita mhatre on 18/01/2008 for the final hering and disposal and it was adjounred to 15/02/2008 accrdingy.

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Suit No 2677/2007 filed on 05/07/2007
Suit No 2677/2007 presented & file no 19/9/2007
Suit No 2677/2007 was signed by chief justice Shri Swatanter Kumar on 12/10/2007
Suit No 2677/2007 will be placed for direction on the board of the judge in Chambers on 21/1/08.

Notice of Motion No.4000 was filed on 24/10/2007 and will be moved before the honorable justice Shri A.M.Khanvilkar in court No.10 on 19/11/2007.

Notice of motion and affidavit in support delivered to defendant no.4 Mr. Indulal Kapashi Partner of M/s Nishuvi Corporation by the office of the bailiff to their Regd office situated at 75 Dr.Annie Besant Road Worli Mumbai:-400 018 on 30/10/2007.

Notice of motion came on board before the honorable judge Shri Anoop M. Mohta in court no.3 G/F on 14/12/2007 it was adjourned on the request of defendants advocate for the arguments after the Christmas Vacation.

Further Court Dates with respective judges

05.07.2007 Honble Shri Justice DR.D.Y.Chandkacud &
15.02.2008 Honble Nishita Mhatre Click here to view more details

05.03.2008 Nishita Mhatre Click here to view more details

14.03.2008 Nishita Mhatre
Click here to view more details

11.04.2008 Honble shri A. A. Sayed Click here to view more details

29.07.2008 Honble shri A. A. Sayed Click here to view more details

06.08.2008 Honble A.V.Nirgude Click here to view more details

06.08.2008 Honble A.V.Nirgude 
Click here to view more details

20.08.2008 Honble A.V.Nirgude
Click here to view more details

20.08.2008 Honble A.V.Nirgude Click here to view more details

18.09.2008 Honble A.V.Nirgude Click here to view more details

3rd & 4th September,2008 Honble A.V.Nirgud
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15 - 9 - 2009

Before Coram S.J. Vazifdar J Mr. Gautam Mehta a/w Mr.Chirag Shah 1/b Mahableshwar N. Morje . for the plantiffs .

Mr. N.G. Thakkar, Mr.Percy Ghandy and Mr.R. J. Majra 1/b Madhusudan G Gawade for the defendants
see order it 06.10.2009
next dates 09.12.2009
next dates 41.06.2010

20 - 01 - 2010

Before Honorable justice (V.M. Kanude , J) Mr. Janak Dwarkadas .Senior Counsel . a/w Mr. Chirag Shah 1/b M.N. Morje for Plantiffs
Mr. N. Thakkar , Senior Counsel a/w Mr. Percy Gandhi a/w Mr. R.J. Majra a/w Mr. M.G. Gawade for Defendants .
See order : -

18.02.2010 Before Honorable Justice (V.M. Kanude , J) Mr. Gautam Mehta a/w Mr. Chirag Shah 1/by M.N. Morje for Plantiffs. Mr. N Thakkar Senior Counsel a/w Mr. Percy Gandhy a/w Mr. M.G. Gawade for Defendant

See order : -

31 - 03 - 2010 to 14 - 06 - 2010

Before Honorable Justice D.G. Karnik on Various dates
31-03-2010 , 31-03-2010, 31-03-2010, 31-03-2010, 08-04-2010
12-04-2010 , 12-04-2010, 12-04-2010, 12-04-2010, 19-04-2010
19-04-2010, 19-04-2010, 19-04-2010, 14-06-2010, 14-06-2010

See Details

14 - 06 - 2010

14-06-2010 28-06-2010 05-07-2010

Honorable justice Rajiv Shyamrao Mohite

See Details

05 - 07 - 2010
Before Honorable justice D.K. Deshmukh Honorable justice R.P. Sondurbaldota petitioners M/s Nishuvi Corporation and others has obtained the order on Mumbai Bandh . Without informing us only their Counsel individually manage and filed Criminal Contempt Petition no. - 03 of 2010 in the suit no. - 2677 of 2007
Mr. N.G. Thakkar, Sr Counsel with Mr. Percy Gandhy 1/b Mr. M.G. Gawde for the Petitioners.
Non for respondents
Razia Amiralli Shroff + Others
see order : - 05.07.2010
see detail : - 05.07.2010
Next date : - 26.08.2010
11 - 8 - 2010
Before Honorable judge (R.S. Mohite, J) Mr. A. A. Kumbha Koni 1/by Mr. Chirag Shah for the plantiffs
Mr. Mahableshwar Morje
Ms Shilpa Morje for the Plantiffs.
Mr.Nitin Thakkar
Mr. Prem Gandhy 1/by M.G. Gawde for the defendants
see order : - 11-8-2010
01 - 10 - 2010


Before Honorable Justice R.S.Ganoo Matter come on Board in the morning and again in the afternoon and order was passed for the following matter on the simplicity ground

1) Suit no 2677 / 2007 disposed
2) Notice of motion 4000 / 2007 disposed
3) Chamber Summons 1352 / 2009 disposed
4) Notice of motion 485 / 2010 disposed
5) Notice of motion 4336 / 2009 pending
6) Criminal Contampt petition 3/2010 pending

23/07/2015 arjun kenger psi Worli police station died in road accedent Mumbai samacha cutting.
•  10/05/2019 Seventilal shantilki Kapashi died in Mumbai samachar cutting/ Gujarat cutting.

•  06/06/2019 criminal contempt petition 3/2010 b4 judge a a sayed /Prakash deu naik next date ?

•  06/06/2019 chamber summons 689/2019 b4 judge a a sayed and judge Prakash deu next date ?

•  13/06/2019 FIR339/2012 before judge n n joshi MMC Subhedar appeared next date is 12/07/2019

•  14/06/2019 870/2016 before judge s a kazi adv khaiyum Shaikh appeared next date 30/07/2019

•  19/06/2019 N/M 3616/2010 assigned to judge Riyaz Iqbal chagla next date is ?

•  19/06/2019 N/M 1225/2018 assigned to judge Ruyaz Iqbal chagla next date is ?

•  19/06/2019 Appeal 280/2019 OS last on board b4 the judge r m bobde and jamadar next date?

•  19/06/2019 N/M 133/2019 /305/2019 of 2019 not assigned to any judges next date sitting judge ?

•  29/06/2019 141/2016 complaint before judge n n joshi I was present next date is 03/08/2019.

Our counsel solicitor advocate :

  • Solicitors Mr. Markand Gandhi & Company
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  • Senior Advocate Mr. Mahabaleshwer Morje
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  • Senior Advocate Mr. Ramesh Jaiswal
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  • Advocate Mr. Roopesh Jaiswal
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  • Advocate Mr. Janak Dwarkadas
    Senior counsel

  • Advocate Mr. A.A.Kumbhakoni
    Senior counsel

  • Advocate Mr. Gautam Mehata
    Senior advocate

  • Advocate Mr.Chirag Shah

  • Advocate Mr. Paresh Shah
    Shah & Sanghavi Solicitors

Our architect :
  • Mr. Hafeez Contractor Noted Architect Firm
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  • Mr. S.C.Dand Architect, Valuer / Project Consultant
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Our chartered accountant :
  • G Modi & Co.
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Worli Property our Tenants Residential & Commercial Meeting was Held on 8/7/2007 at Worli-18

Mr.Amirali Ebrahim Shroff & Advocate Mr.Mahableshwar Morje hearing the request of tenants.
Mr.Amirali Ebrahim Shroff and Advocate Mr.Morje giving Lord Ganesh key to one of the tenant.
Advocate Mr.Morje Addressing the meeting.
Audience are patiencely hearing.
Tenants are enjoying high tea breakfast.
Mr.Shroff,Mr. Morje and Tenant at the end of meeting.


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